Chapter 1Lamenting the Consequence of WarVerse 46


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Commentaries of the Four Authorized Vaisnava Sampradayas

as confirmed in the Garga Samhita Canto 10, Chapter 61, Verses 23, 24, 25, 26
Rudra Vaisnava Sampradaya:


Sridhara Swami's Commentary

Anticipating the question: What happened then? This verse explains that Arjuna whose mind was despondent, agitated by grief sat down on the chariot in view of all the troops.

Brahma Vaisnava Sampradaya:


Madhvacarya's Commentary

Madhvacarya has no commentary so we present Baladeva Vidyabhusana's.

Then what happened asked Dhritarastra? To this question of curosity Sanjaya spoke this verse beginning evam uktvarjunah. It was seen by all that throughout this discourse Arjuna had been standing with the objective still being to fight while merely viewing the opposing army; but suddenly he just sat down on the seat of his chariot in despair

It has been perceived from the beginning of creation that the propensity to embark upon the path of atma tattva or self-realisation manifests only in those living beings who are righteous and have no predilection to cause injury to any living entity by thought, word or action. It has also been perceived that success derived from embarking upon this initiative never arises in those living entities who are bereft of these qualities.

Sri Vaisnava Sampradaya:


Ramanuja's Commentary

Sanjaya frankly speaks to Dhritarastra at this time saying that Arjuna, who is the most noble minded, the most compassionate, the eternal well wisher and the most virtuous; although frequently fraught with difficulties along with his four brothers, instigated by thee and thy son, including horrid acts of treachery against them with intent to kill, such as attempting to burn them all alive in a specially made house of combustible lac, administering poison and other unworthy deeds as well. It is surely known to you that by Arjuna the destruction of all your clan is certain due to the fact that he has the support of the Parama Purusa, the Supreme Personality, Lord Krishna Himself, by his side.

Still Arjuna looks upon you all with feelings of friendship and overcome by compassion and by the fear of performing actions which are opposed to righteousness, that tiger among men became introvert and said to Lord Krishna that under no circumstance would he fight. After saying so he became very dejected in mind and afflicted with grief at the thought of seperation from relatives and dropping his celestial bow reknowned as Gandiva he just sat down on the chariot.

Kumara Vaisnava Sampradaya:


Kesava Kasmiri's Commentary

In this verse at Dhritarastra's curiosity requesting to know what happened then, Sanjaya spoke that Arjuna whose mind was agitated by grief cast aside his bow and arrows and sank down despondently in the back of the chariot.

Thus ends Tattva Prakasika commentary to Srimad Bhagavad-Gita from chapter one by Kesava Kasmiri.

Thus ends commentaries of chapter 1, verse 46 of the Srimad Bhagavad-Gita.

Verse 46

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